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Introduction To The Ontario Lottery 649

The Basics of the Lottery Game

If you are to play the Ontario lottery 649 you are just one of countless people who are hoping to win their share of the big prize.  The good news is that twice a week there is the very real chance of walking away with millions of dollars in your pocket.  There are also many smaller prizes that are available and which the odds of claiming are actually high.

As is suggested by the name, the goal is to pick six winning numbers from forty nine.  If you were to choose the same set of numbers as what is drawn, you will hit the jackpot for the lotto 649.  A bonus number is also drawn, and if a player has five regular numbers plus the bonus, they go home with a respectable amount of cash.

The lotto 649 in Canada has been around for more than thirty years and has helped to make many Canadians super rich.  The Ontario version is but one of many provincial competitions that participate on the lotto 649. The odds of winning are the same no matter where you play or which form of the game.

If you are to stand a realistic chance of having a winning ticket, you will need to think carefully about how you select your numbers.  There is no sure-fire strategy that you could follow that would ensure that you are a winner, but there are certain approaches that should be avoided unless you want to waste your money.

Try to be consistent in your approach.  Choose a set of numbers and stick with them week in, week out.  Make a conscious effort to play the Ontario lottery 649 twice a week as opposed to every so often.  Imagine how heartbroken you would feel if you happened to skip a draw only to discover that it was the day when your usual selection came out on top. Think carefully about how you choose your numbers to the Ontario Lottery 649. Avoid using an approach that would hinder your chance of success.  Statistically the odds of a run of numbers coming out would be less.  As would an all even or odd set.  There is no way to predict what selection will be drawn, therefore do not over analyze your pick.  Choose each number because you feel it is lucky or in some way relevant to your life.

It is exciting to play the Ontario lotto 649; draws are made every Wednesday and Saturday in the Ontario province in Canada.  You can choose your selection of numbers many draws in advance thus ensuring you do not miss out should you be out of town or on vacation.  On draw nights tickets are sold up until 9pm (Eastern Time).

Out of interest, the most frequent numbers drawn in the Ontario lottery 649 are 33, 4, 37, 9, 32, 20, 36, 18, 41, and 47.  Whether this selection will remain the most commonly drawn in the future is impossible to predict.  The best approach to adopt when playing the lotto is to use your gut instinct.  Base your choice on the numbers you feel are lucky for you, rather than adhering to an unproven strategy.