The only REAL way to improve your chances to WIN the Lottery.


how does it worK?

Works exactly as a "Company Lottery Pool", following the recommendations from the Lottery in Canada

Learn more about the details of how we manage to make sure that our members can confirm that they are included in the lottery pool they subscribed to.

play by the rules

The rules are simple, the rules are clear. There is ONLY one official Lotto 6/49 in Canada

"Lottery Pool Canada" uses the same group formats recommended by the provincial Lottery organizations and available at their websites.

lottery results

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The Power of a Lottery Pool

It is not rocket science...

Winning the Lottery 6/49 is all about probability.  The more tickets you own, the higher probability you have.  It is that simple.

Do the math. If you are a member of a Lottery Pool with 50 tickets, you have 50 more chances to win the lottery than playing one ticket by yourself.  It is that simple.



  • “Save time, increase
    your chances,
    Sally Donovan | Vancouver, BC
  • "It is playing
    the lottery,
    on steroids"
    Peter Kelly | Mississauga, ON