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How To Choose Numbers For Lotto 649

Methods and Strategies

There are many strategies and methods you can use to pick your numbers for lotto 649.  If you are looking for a technique that will guarantee you a winning ticket you are going to be disappointed.  However, it is possible is to make a selection that would go some way to shortening the odds of walking away with some amount of prize money.

From the outset, you should understand that each 649 lottery draw has zero relationship with the previous week's draws.  Remember that just because a specific number has not been drawn for a number of weeks does not automatically mean that it is going to appear soon.  With this in mind, you should approach choosing your numbers for Lotto 649 without any form of irrational logic.

Every week people do win big money on the 649 lotto.  Some of these players have stuck with their strategies over time, whereas others have chosen numbers using a completely random approach. Though some might say that luck is the ultimate decider, you may find that your chances of being a winner shorten if you practice the following tips and advice.

If you were to try and form a pattern on the ticket sheet, such as a cross or a circle, do not expect to see much success.  Your approach should be one that is entirely random. If you were to choose the numbers for Lotto 649 that are in a line down the edge of your sheet, you will be at a real disadvantage.  Other patterns such as zig-zags and circles also should be avoided.  Choosing all even numbers or an all odd selection would be a waste of your time and money. The way in which you should go about choosing number for lotto 649 would be to choose each number only if it is in some way relevant to you.  You could use your telephone number, house number or favorite number.  Birth dates are out as these can only go up to thirty-one and twelve.  What is important is to adhere to consistency.  Do not change your selection each week, keep with the same selection every time you play.

The odds of a winning set being repeated in the future would be slim.  If you are to play the lotto 649 for the first time, look back at what numbers were drawn over the previous twelve months and avoid using the same selection.  Adhere to a technique that does not put you at a disadvantage. It should go without saying that the more tickets you buy, the greater the chance there would be of winning.  To this end it would work in your favor if you were to join a Lottery Pool. You could ask your friends, relatives, or work colleagues if they would like to join in the excitement of playing the lotto 649 in Canada.  Although you would have to share winnings with other people, you would increase the odds of claiming the jackpot.

Choosing your numbers for lotto 649 should be an exciting activity.  The potential to win big is very real. It is impossible to predict what selection will claim the jackpot, but what is for certain is that you have the same chance as every other player.  The thrill of playing the lotto 649 does not diminish.